Our charity work is an expression of a truly shared commitment across the Commonwealth's nations and territories, and our achievements are only possible thanks to the generosity and support of its citizens and communities. 


Where your money goes

Click the link below to donate and help us to permanently connect 1,500 points of significance in the Commonwealth with Walkways in every capital to inspire a generation to be active, connected and celebrate the family of nations.

£500 Donations

Each point of significance in the Commonwealth connected by a Walkway will have a bronze marker fixed permanently in the ground.  Her Majesty The Queen has given permission for the markers to include her personal EIIR cypher and crown.  The Commonwealth Walkway markers are hand cast using a special gunmetal which is extremely hard and durable. A donation of £500 allows the Trust to supply a bronze marker to one of the 1,500 agreed locations for fixing.  A certificate, confirming where the marker has been installed, and a mini-marker in a gift box is given as a thank you to every marker sponsor.

£5,000 - £20,000 Donations

Every Walkway will have a panel promoting the Walkway at the start of the route.  The panels are hand drawn to provide an insight into the route and some of the attractions connected.  The panels are made from zinc to be accessible, legible and lasting and supplied in a metal lectern frame.  Panels cost £20,000 to make and supply to a country. Contributions of more than £5,000 are recognised on the panel as part of the artwork and a framed copy of the design is given as a thank you to every panel sponsor.

£25,000 + Donations 

The total cost for completing a Walkway in any given Commonwealth nation or territory depend on the number of markers being used and the amount of in-kind contribution locally towards gathering the information for the points of significance and installing the markers and panel.  To date Walkways have cost between £25,000 and £40,000 to complete which includes designing and marking the route, and making and launching the panel. Contributions of more than £25,000 towards a Walkway are recognised on the panel artwork and sponsors are invited to the launch.

The Trust has received donations from governments, corporate partners, trusts, foundations, community groups and individuals from across the Commonwealth for its work on creating, maintaining and promoting Walkways. Our aim is to leave a lasting legacy, owned by the whole Commonwealth, to honour Her Majesty The Queen.


One in three people in the Commonwealth are not active enough to benefit their health and more than 19m people a year are dying prematurely because of it.  The Trust's Walkway programme is providing a safe, accessible and attractive place to inspire people to walk in every Commonwealth nation and territory, giving communities a carbon neutral and health positive boost.  People are 50% more likely to walk if there is a quality path within reach of where they live.  Our initiative engages local people, highlights the uniqueness and diversity of every culture and place, and leaves a lasting legacy in honour of Her Majesty The Queen. 


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